“Mickey and the Magician”: A Closer Look at Disneyland Paris’s Unforgettable New Show

The following article is written by our good friend and European correspondent Davide Maugeri. Many thanks to Davide for making his way out to Disneyland Paris to cover this new spectacular show. 

Today we go back to Disneyland Resort Paris and review its newest addition, a brand new show featuring Mickey that isn’t planning to leave anytime soon, and for a reason! This might be one of Mickey’s most memorable shows that have ever been created since the first Disneyland park opened its doors in California. So let’s take a look at the astounding «Mickey and the Magician» and let’s explore the magic behind this brilliant show.

The shows starts out inside the Magician’s workshop. Props and sets prove to be good right from the very start. Visual effects are incredibly good too, starting from the very first remarkable one that I really can’t explain to myself. At the wizard’s command, a little Tinker Bell starts fluttering around and lighting everything up with her pixie dust, causing my jaw to inevitably drop down to the floor. Shortly after Mickey makes his appearance on stage, but once again he plays the role of the Magician’s apprentice (similarly to the well known Fantasia short and Mickey and the Magical Map in Disneyland, California), only with a brand-new outfit that matches the Parisian surroundings the play seems to be set in (duh!). In fact, we’re no longer in the Middle Ages: this wizard proves to be quite younger than the grumpy old guy from Fantasia. This one seems to be an enchanter who lives in the City of Lights during that fabulous era also known as «La Belle Époque».

Now I usually don’t really appreciate when Disney goes too European or Asian (depending on the theme park), but I decided to give it a go this time as it seems to fit perfectly with the Disney universe. In fact, I wish Disney shows in the US were more similar to this one, just for a change.

                                                                            Concept art for Mickey and the Magician. Credit: DisneyParksBlog.com

The Show

Not much time passes before Mickey is left alone in the workshop. He has a limited time to get his job done: the wiz will be back after the moon has set to check back on Mickey and get back to work. Now, we all know Mickey Mouse and his illusions of grandeur ofter leading him to trouble, and this time is no exception. After sweeping around for like 5 seconds, he gets distracted by probably the funniest character in the whole show: a «talking» hat. This mischievous creature starts taunting Mickey with his hilarious, incomprehensible gibberish.

Unable to get the hat’s respect, Mickey decides to let it go and resumes his work, accidentally summoning the Fairy Godmother. As «Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo» starts playing, our beloved fairy hops around the stage making some magic and providing some truly astounding tricks. Before departing she motivates Mickey into encouraging him to pursue his dream to become a real magician.

                                                                                                                         Photo credit: MiceChat.com

Now Mickey is pumped up and ready to get back to work, if it wasn’t for a certain candelabra who decides to show up out of nowhere. «Be our guest, be our guest…» he sings as plates and cutlery come in and dance to the famous tune, much resembling the Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical. Soon the atmosphere is softened by the sweet notes of «Beauty and the Beast». Belle and the Beast dance around the stage, which is magically transformed for the occasion into the great ballroom. Lumière provides his own encouraging words to Mickey, before everything vanishes and turns back into the workshop.

Many other Disney classic characters make their appearance, including several animals from the Lion King (amazing «Circle of Life» rendition, I’ll admit it had me crying a little), the Genie from Aladdin singing «Friend like Me» and Olaf from Frozen, all of them supporting Mickey and helping him make his dream come true, especially after the show’s climax, a beatiful rendition of «Let it Go» sung by Elsa herself.

At the end of it all, Mickey has become so self-confident he decides to use magic to get rid of his chores and housecleaning in no time. Unfortunately he’s still a novice and once again the situation gets out of hand, causing almost every prop on stage (!!!) to go nuts.

                                                                                                                        Photo credit: MiceChat.com

Obviously the Magician shows up in that very moment and can’t believe his eyes! Mickey apologizes and explains what happened, luckily for him, the wizard shows all of his compassions and provides Mickey with gentle understanding, one final motivating speech – and, a brand new magic wand! Mickey has now enough faith in himself to take things back under control and fix it all up.

Final thoughts

I loved it. Boy, did I love it. This show has everything. A nice little story, great effects, amazing tricks, incredible and colourful projections, catchy music, great use of the latest technologies and tons of Disney magic in it. I’m positive this show is destined to become a fan favorite in no time, and I frankly hope it will never leave the Disneyland Paris Resort for some other show. Sure, following dialogues might be tricky at times, since character often speak English and French almost at the same time, but that won’t be too much of a problem once you get used to it. So I give it a 4.5/5. Definitely not to be missed if you’re planning to visit Disneyland Paris soon!


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