‘Cars 3’ on Blu-Ray Provides Bonus Features Sure to Delight Fans

The Cars franchise is likely the most controversial and troubled Pixar franchise, but even the troublesome Cars 2 can’t stop the fact that the original film, Cars, and its newest sequel, Cars 3, are absolute emotional delights. Before Cars 2, the original film was probably one of Pixar’s least beloved, but still a film that was well-received by audiences and critics. Perhaps the popularity of the series grew too quickly, resulting in some less-than-spectacular entries, but Cars 3 truly gets the series back on the right track and brings the franchise back home to the triumphant finish line.

Now, Cars 3 finally hits Blu-Ray accompanied by a selection of great bonus features to go with it. Although it doesn’t reach the level of some recent significant Disney-Pixar Blu-Ray releases, like Inside Out or Finding Dory, this still makes for a pretty great release overall, and sheds some great insight into the creation of the film. Throughout the two discs that you’ll find enclosed in this Blu-Ray Combo Pack (aside from the DVD) are a selection of bonus features that include the following.

Disc 1:

Disney-Pixar’s Theatrical Short, ‘Lou’: Finally get the chance to rewatch this phenomenal short film from Pixar which debuted before ‘Cars 3’ in theaters. This short is an example of Pixar’s innovation and storytelling abilities creating one of their best shorts in years. Lou will be cherished for many years to come, and now you can enjoy it accompanied with this film.

Short: “Miss Fritters Racing Skool”: Starring Miss Fritter of the Thunder Hollow Crazy Eight Race, Fritter creates a television commercial advertising her newly opened racing school. It’s a goofy short that doesn’t match previous Pixar home release shorts, but it has some decent laughs along the way.

Cruz Ramirez: The Yellow Car That Should: The first great bonus feature on this disc is this featurette about Cruz Ramirez, and the reason why it is so fantastic is that it chronicles the journey that the team faced creating the character and what her motivation and flaws would be. It shows the journey of the characters different iterations until the final finished product, which is exactly the sort of behind the scenes information fans would certainly love to see.

Ready for the Race: You didn’t think we’d get a release without a Disney Channel tween star featured, did you? There isn’t much to say about this one, which features Disney star Olivia Rodrigo testing NASCAR racing simulators that inspired the technology in Cars 3. It doesn’t add much to the bonus feature lineup, but doesn’t make for the worst addition.

Audio Commentary: We’re thrilled that Disney has been putting more focus into adding audio commentaries back on their Blu-Ray releases, and this is certainly one not to be missed. Director Brian Fee, Cars creator Jay Ward, Producer Kevin Reher and Co-Producer Andrea Warren provide so much insight into what makes this film so unique, and this puts the icing on the cake for a great release.

Disc 2:

Generations: The Story of Cars 3: The best bonus feature of this release explores the emotional journey of Lightning McQueen and the new challenges he faces in this film. The filmmakers touch base on their idea of this multi-generational story that both Lightning McQueen learns from and passes along to a new racer. It’s a touching story and it’s wonderful to hear insight from the folks that created the story around it.

Lets. Get. Crazy. This feature takes a look at real Crazy Eight races that inspired the Thunder Hollow sequence from the film, and the film crew’s journey to learn from these unique events.

Legendary: This feature takes a deep look into the real world of racing, and racing legends that are at the heart of the inspiration of this film. It’s a great feature that explores the great behind-the-scenes elements of the film and talks to some racing legends themselves.

World’s Fastest Billboards: Pixar films are so intricately detailed that it’d be impossible to see everything in their film. This feature takes a look at all of the hidden signage scattered throughout this movie and showcases the hilarity and brilliance of the filmmakers who scattered it throughout.

There’s also a short feature starring John Lasseter giving a tour of his office, titled Cars to Die-(Cast) For,  a Fly-Through series through the landscapes of the Cars world, My First Car, starring the crew of ‘Cars 3’ and their first car experience, and finally, Trailers, Promos, and a selection of Deleted Scenes.

Overall, Cars 3 makes for a wonderful new release from Pixar that isn’t perfect, but it is pretty close to being so. We’re really glad that these Pixar releases are such a labor of love and that the studio continues to try to fill it with a great selection of features. If you’re a fan of Pixar films, and the Cars series in general, this release shouldn’t let you down.



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