Changes at Walt Disney World Sees the End of Several Entertainment Offerings

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to an element of the park that becomes so beloved, and such an integral part of the magical experience at Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, as all things generally come to an end, and as the parks continue to change in new ways, the latest loss at the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks lie largely in the entertainment department, closing several offerings and many performers. The three, including most of the Citizens of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Jack’s Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial and the Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It Parade at the Magic Kingdom, will all see their final days of operation by the end of this year.

It’s saddening to see the loss of these great elements of the parks, made possible by the amazing magic of Disney, because all three of these contributed to the park in their own unique ways. The improvisational Citizens of Hollywood troupe brought hilarity to contribute to the immersive theme of Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, creating a spectacular streetmosphere that remains unmatched. The Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It! parade at the Magic Kingdom brought life to the park in each of its five performances throughout the day, transforming Main Street, USA and the The Hub surrounding Cinderella Castle into an immersive street party, featuring some of the most beloved Disney characters. The parade was an example of what Disney can do best, and turning simple concepts into a memorable, fun experience that immersed guests right into the fun of the street atmosphere. This memorable parade would not have been possible without the energy and performances of amazing Cast Members who brought it to life each and every day, and of course, all of the Disney character friends who agreed to join along in the party.

Recently, Walt Disney World also saw the closure of Disney Junior–Live on Stage, and will be replaced with a ‘Disney Junior Dance Party’ in its place. The Disney Junior show, which ran since 2001 and replaced Bear in the Big Blue House–Live on Stage, featured incredible puppets and performances, and was a stunning showcase of great talent to bring these beloved Disney Junior characters into the parks. With so much great talent being showcased six times a day, it is certainly sad to see these fantastic shows leave the parks, but their legacy and their innovation continues to be a unique contribution to the magic of Disney.

We’re always sad to see such great talent end their run at Walt Disney World, a resort destination that certainly has no shortage of great talent scattered throughout. However, these great shows each contributed something unique and endlessly memorable, and their amazing contributions will certainly be remembered as these parks continue to evolve in new ways. We can only hope that these changes can only lead to more positive entertainment offerings in the future, and we hope that there’s more in store for these talented performers.    

The Citizens of Hollywood–Photo by Disney Parks

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