Celebrating the Art of Disney Storytelling

When The Mickey Mindset was launched on November 18th, 2013, we had many ambitions for what this website could become. Over the last six and a half years, we have been so thrilled and thankful to be part of such a wonderful community of fans and to have built a community of our own across our site and social channels. However, in our hope that this site never stops evolving, we are proud to announce that this site is taking on a new identity entirely. 

Starting today, The Mickey Mindset is evolving into a site dedicated to celebrating the art of Disney storytelling. From movies to television shows to immersive theme park experiences, this site will act as a source of analysis and appreciation for the creative process of bringing Disney stories and experiences to life. Topics can include anything from a deep-dive into the story structure of a Disney park attraction, or the storytelling merits of a particular Disney film, both new and old. This site will feature in-depth analysis of the creative process that goes into creating the Disney stories that you know and love, and how each technical and creative discipline in their respective industries contribute to the overall goal of bringing memorable and unique stories to life. We’ll even speak with industry professionals and leaders and learn what it takes to be a Disney storyteller in any division of the company (more on that in the months to come!). 

This new identity comes from a personal passion for storytelling and artistry. Having been such a longtime fan of the themed entertainment industry, the industry that Disney Parks and Resorts can be categorized as, I’ve always been fascinated by storytelling in immersive spaces. As a kid, I loved movies and Disney ones in particular, and while I don’t think I could have articulated why I loved them at the time, I was always aware of effective storytelling beats and ideas that moved me and made me interested in a career pursuing filmmaking and storytelling when I grew up. For quite some time, I’ve been interested in creating an outlet where I could celebrate what makes Disney storytelling and design so unparalleled and powerful. 

The Mickey Mindset will continue to cover topics that we have covered in the past such as movie reviews and book reviews, but we’ll be doing so through the lens of our new website focus. We hope that our new website will be a source of inspiration for our readers and a testament to the innovative work of Disney storytellers around the world. Follow this space for more articles and analysis of all things celebrating the art of Disney storytelling! 


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